Thursday, December 17, 2009

अमिरुद्दौला इस्लामिया डिग्री कॉलेज लालबाग लखनऊ

Amiruddaula Islamia Degree College, has a distinct place among the Chosen few Educational Institutions of Lucknow, the city of learning and culture. Initially started as an Arabic Madarsa around 1894, became a High School in the year 1916 and an Intermediate College in the year 1942, was elevated in 1991-92, status of Degree College in 1991, started with B.A. classes in 1991-92. setup B.Com classes in 1993-94 and B.Sc. Course with three groups CPM, PCM and ZBC in 1996-97.

The College is presently imparting education to the "students of nursery to graduation with separate section for girls up to Intermediate level. The Courses of Arts, Science and Commerce are available at all levels.
The special emphasis of the Institution remains on Character Building, Teaching and Discipline etc. Moral teaching and Counseling also form an important part of the College life.

The three faculties of the degree sectibn (viz., Arts, Commerce and Science) are running with the best of/ infrastructure including well equipped Labs and Computer centre etc. combined with committed and dedicated teachers, who excel in their fields and also act as mentor and guide of their students to discover and develop their inherent talents and strength, Sufficient number of qualified faculty members remain fully devoted to give their best to the students. They have good academic credentials, extensive experience in chosen fields, and they are always accessible to the students in the class rooms and outside.

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जय वीर सिंह

अमरिकान स्त्येल
Jaiveer Singh B.Com 2nd yr. Student.Dynamic Personality.